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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? What are the price differences? How do I pay?
Urns start at $100.00 (shipping included).  Prices for specific urns are negotiated based on customer preferences.  Upon agreement we invoice the customer through PayPal (customers do not have to have their own PayPal account).

How do I determine what size urn would be best for my cremains?
A standard measure is to allow 1 cubic inch in the size of the urn per pound of live weight.

Do you have any suggestions for how to best use an urn?
Urns can be used to store loose ashes, or they can be used to keep cremains in a small bag. Urns are great for apartment dwellers who don't have a yard to bury a pet in, for homeowners who know that they won't be in their home for a long time, or for homeowners who are prohibited by county, state or association rules to bury animals in their yards.

I'm concerned about the urn tipping over and the loose ashes spilling. Do your urns seal tightly?
The urns don't generally seal tightly. The way that loose ashes are kept inside of urns traditionally, is by sealing the urns shut permanently. This can be done with an epoxy sealant that you can buy at any home improvement store, or with Crazy Glue gel (not regular Crazy Glue, but specifically the gel). The other option is to put the cremains in a small sealable plastic bag and place the bag inside of the urn. You can also place the ashes first into a sealable plastic bag and then store the plastic bag in a fabric Pet Cremains Bag.

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